Miz Ju is more than a simple lingerie, is a new way to explore your sensuality, it glues to your body with elegance, sophistication and heavy notes of desire. We want to awake the desire, and show a new way for the body to be seen, a sexy and distinct new look.
Like a tattoo, Miz Ju sticks to your body, in a subtle way, leaving it free to be looked at or touched by. The will to forget the idea that lingerie was made to undress, is our motif, that´s why Miz Ju lives by the rule ”Dress, don’t undress”. Wear it over your lingerie or without it, you can even wear it over your clothes, you choose.

Miz Ju is made with care, and the quality given by the hand made and also the tailor made fit concept.
We hope you’ll enjoy it, as much as we do.


I started Miz Ju to satisfy myself and my needs, to dress something sexy that I didn’t need to undress to please or be pleased. I build each piece with desire and care, and I still do. Miz Ju is totally hand made and we do tailor fit, this way you unlikely will get a piece that don’t fit you, because we don’t do “one size only” because you have unique measures and no one has the same body shape. You can also choose all the finish’s, or have more than one finish, for example, you may like to have a spring suspenders, to use with boots instead of a classic stocking suspenders, or even have an extra stripe on some of the pieces. So make your list, add to the bag and enjoy it, we hope you share your satisfaction on facebook and on Intagram, tag mizju on your pictures, I will love to see it.