Miz Ju • use with lust, wash with care

How to wear yours Miz Ju
If you want to stretch the life time expectancy of your Miz Ju, do not use it for more than two days straight, because that may lead to elastic fatigue. Let it rest for one day, for the elastics be able to return to their original shape.

How to wash yours Miz Ju
No not wash in the wash machine, hand wash in cold water, with delicate detergent, and don’t use fabric softener.
Dilute the delicate detergent in cold water and leave the lingerie soaked for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse it up in cold water. The less chemicals you use, a longer life expectancy will have your lingerie.

How to dry yours Miz Ju
Don’t dry in the sun, dry in the shade, so that the colors do not change.
Hang it on a hanger, to dry, to avoid pressure marks